Quick Pitch Friday: Mauhan Zonozzy of Bubbl

Story by Benjamin F. Kuo


Do you wish you could take short snippets of your favorite movies and TV shows and share them with your friends? A number of startups have tried to make sharing of premium clips more available to users, but none have yet managed to convince studios and other content creators to allow for widespread clipping and sharing of that content. In an attempt to change that, Bubbl ( is led by Mauhan Zonozzy--is creating a tool and studio relationships to do just that. The startup is gambling that studios will be okay with short, nine-second clips of their premium content to drive viral traffic to their properties. We recently spoke with Mauhan about his startup, which is setting up offices in Los Angeles, but is based in New York.

What does Bubbl do?

Mauhan Zonozzy: We allow audiences to take bite size snips of premium content. For example, if you are watching the World Cup streaming from ESPN or your favorite WB show, you can grab your favorite moments and share them across any medium, whether that's a chat platform, Snapchat, or anywhere.

Is your product available yet?

Mauhan Zonozzy: We'll be launching this month with Warner Brothers, and we have a couple of apps coming out in the app store.

Who are your customers?

Mauhan Zonozzy: Our end user is the consumer, but our customers are media companies. We basically enable them to distribute their premium content in bite sized form, and leverage their existing audience in a more viral method, rather than just creating their own clips. In short, we provide a toolset that allows customers to create clips not just for video sites, but for sites like Instagram and Vine, and put that in the hands of consumers.

What's the reaction of content owners to this, since they've traditionally been very reluctant to let premium content out there?

Mauhan Zonozzy: I think the time is now. Everyone so far has been very progessive thinking. We also limit the duration of those snips to just nine seconds, currently, and we let them track it every where it goes. The major studios we have talked to have been very forward thinking in that way. We've been in private beta for a very large audience already, and people love doing it and embedding it and sharing it and re-snipping it.

What's your background?

Mauhan Zonozzy: Our team has lal worked in the technology and media industry in the past. I personally was a technology VC and digital media investor.

How are you financed and backed?

Mauhan Zonozzy: We're angel funded, and were part of Media Camp at Warner Bros. We're also backed by the Entrepreneurs' Roundtable in New York. We're currently raising a seed funding round, and raising $2 million.

Why are you in LA?

Los Angeles has a lot of content and content providers, and it's been helpful to be near those people. We're based in New York, but we'll have a permanent presence here in Los Angeles.



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