Koupon Kitty Launches Coupon Code Software

A new, online coupon software "bookmarklet" called Koupon Kitty--backed by Juvo Capital, the investment firm of Talmadge O'Neill and Harry Tsao--said it launched Wednesday, to help consumers find the best coupon codes for various e-commerce sites. The service said it was created by Juvo Capital to simplify and streamline getting online savings. The software bookmarklet works within a web browser, and lets users click on a button to get all of the available coupons for a specific website before they start shopping. The bookmarklet pulls up various coupon codes, automatically inserting them into your checkout cart for savings. The coupon bookmarklet site is the second, browser-based coupon startup to launch in Southern California in the last couple of weeks; a similar, Google Chrome extension called Honey--from a startup in neighboring Pasadena--just launched on Monday. Juvo Capital says it has invested in such firms as BeachMint, Chegg, eHarmony, eSalon, Gogobot and LoveIt, with exits in such companies as Facebook, LinkedIn and Tesla Motors.


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