Interview with Youtuber Adorian Deck, On Making A Living On YouTube

Story by Benjamin F. Kuo


It's a fascinating new world out there in entertainment and media, where YouTube stars are now as popular--or maybe, more popular--than traditional celebrities. In fact, there are many Youtubers who are making a living just being themselves and posting their personal thoughts and opinions to the world. We thought we'd take a look at the trend, so we recently talked with Adorian Deck (, an up and coming 22-year old Youtuber, who told us his story about how he's made Youtube his full time gig, and gives us some insight into the world of influencers and branded videos.

First off, what is your YouTube channel all about?

Adorian Deck: My channel is AdorianDeck, which is my name. It's mostly about the things I'm thinking about, style, positive messages, and motivational things. I'm a glass half full kind of guy, and it's more of my personal blogging channel. An example of that, is I do a lot of running, and I did a video where I ran 100 miles over the month, and documented the process, and that inspired other people to do the same thing. Some people lost 40 to 50 pounds, and I lost 25 pounds myself through the process. I like helping people, and I'm using YouTube to help all of that.

How did you get into posting these videos?

Adorian Deck: I started making Youtube videos in 2006, when I was thirteen years old. I had started watching SMOSH, and though it was really cool. I happened to have some cheap editing software on my computer, and I just took my digital camera and ran with it. I started to meet lots of people, and really got into this community around personal blogging.

So you're actually making enough money to do this full time from the channel, from Famebit?

Adorian Deck: It's pretty much a full time thing. I have never had what people call a traditional job, working as a teenager at a movie theater or retail. I just started doing this. There are other things I've done, and I started a company recently and own a bunch of Twitter IP, but Youtube is a big part of it, and really lets me reach other people and affect other lives. What great about Youtube, is I can just be myself, and have an audience that cares about what I say, and make money. The beautiful thing about it, is on YouTube, people are liked for themselves. I love running and fitness, and I've used Famebit, where they have had a juice cleanse company come out. They said, we'll pay you to use our juice cleanse and make a video about the experience, and it integrates really well with what I'm already talking about, and also helps them promote a brand.

What is it that draws viewers to your channel?

Adorian Deck: I think it's because I know pretty well how to be myself on camera, and I have a bubbly, positive spirit that people like to see. I've seen this watching other people. It's a nice escape from reality. If someone has spirit, that gives you hope. I think, honestly, it's all about being myself. I think it's the same way that you might see someone at a bar, and you say--I really like that person, and I want to know them better. It's the same thing, except on Youtube.

What's the most popular and least popular content you've posted so far?

Adorian Deck: That's a good questions. I think the most popular content I've uploaded is where I've shown progress, for example, that hundred mile video, where I showed where I was months earlier, and where I was one month later. I think that when people see that, it's easier for them to get motivated. In terms of least popular content, that I don't know. It's interesting, because on Youtube, you can put up a one-take video, but even though it's very raw, it's very personal and people still like it. You'd think because of the production value it would be the least watched video, but that's not true. I think the ones which are least watched, are the ones where you are not genuine to yourself. That's what's most important these days, which is authenticity.

What do you think might help you break through to become a top Youtuber?

Adorian Deck: That's a great question. I can tell you that my goal is to develop the most depth I can with an audience of 100,000, instead of 10 million people. But, if I were to get up to 10 million subscribers one day, that would be cool. Honestly, I think the best way to get there is to have friends and know people who already have an audience like that, and collaborate with them. That way, more people can discovery you. The other thing, is to make your videos relevant. For example, the MTV Video awards and Kanye West.

What do you think of all the Youtubers who are using that to get into Hollywood--any thoughts there?

Adorian Deck: I think that's very cool. I could see myself getting into acting or something like that, even though I'm happy being behind the scenes and helping other people to reach their goals. That said, I think it's great that people are now able to film something in their bedroom, and jump into Hollywood fame, writing books, and becoming legit stars. That's amazing.

Last question for you, what's the biggest lesson you've learned about the world of Youtube?

Adorian Deck: That's a great question. My advice, is probably just to be yourself as much as possible. It's so easy to get on Youtube, and see what other people are doing to become famous, and want to do the same. But, when you do that, you're taking away from yourself, and you're not showing your true shelf. Your audience won't take you seriously. They want to know the real you. I think that's very important, and that authenticity is much more important than changing for other people.



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