Famous Birthdays Focuses On Finding Celebrity Facts

What are the most searched for things on the Internet? From the annual search statistics from Google and Bing, it's clearly information about celebrities. A Santa Monica startup, Famous Birthdays, looks to have carved out quite a niche in the area, with its online list of (you guessed it), famous birthdays. The service says it has more than 30,000 profiles of famous people, with quick facts about them.

The startup--the brainchild of Evan Britton--has been ramping up its efforts recently, having just launched a brand new responsive web design which optimizes the site for mobile phones and tablets, in addition to desktop web browsers. The design just went live in the last couple of weeks.

Britton is a serial entrepreneur, who was last head of ResourceWebs, which he recently sold to a private equity firm. ResourceWebs was notable in that Britton avoided the usual hype and over-funding of startups to instead focus on creating a profitable online business.


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