Celebrity E-Commerce Spreads To Silicon Valley With FabKids

It looks like the trend--started in Los Angeles--to partner celebrity with e-commerce has spread to Silicon Valley. A San Francisco startup, Personalized Retailing, is joining the dozens of Los Angeles celebrity-with-e-commerce-subscription startups, saying today that it has raised $2.6M for FabKids, a new personalized, e-commerce site delivering kids clothing on a subscription, in a partnership with celebrity and actress Christina Applegate. is offering up clothing dlieverd to members for a monthly membership of $49.95. Although Los Angeles does not have a monopoly on e-commerce and celebrities, the area has been dominant in spinning up startups modeled after combining subscriptions, e-commerce, and celebrity figures; those include The Honest Co. (Jessica Alba); ShoeDazzle (Kim Kardashian); Teeology (Jennifer Lopez); intiMint (Brooke Burke); HomeMint (Justin Timberlake); typeF (Tyra Banks); BeautyMint (Jessica Simpson); and StyleMint (Mark-Kate and Ashley Olsen)--just to name a few. More information »


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