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Trouble in Venture Capital?

Frank Peters runs his podcasts at the Frank Peters Show, and is chairman of the Tech Coast Angels. Frank's given us permission to cross post his podcasts here on socalTECH.

Jim Armstrong Trouble in Venture Capital? "Keep the faith!" Clearstone's Jim Armstrong shares some sobering year-end perspectives. "Things get good as fast as they went bad," Jim encourages. Is it the beginning of another great buying opportunity? Or is Jim inclined to be an optimist? And what about exits? "VC returns are nearly 100% correlated to the IPO market; and that's troubling! It's never been harder to create a billion dollar company. Can we take the risks we used to take?"

What a way to ring in the new year! Jim shares some great insights,"you can afford to have a false positive; you can afford to invest in things and fail, but because the big ones are so rare, you cannot afford a false negative. You cannot afford to be looking the wrong way."