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The Stresses on Venture Capital

Frank Peters, of the podcast the Frank Peters Show, has given us permission to cross post his shows here. Frank recently spoke with John Taylor, VP of Research at the NVCA about the stresses on the venture capital industry.


Meet John Taylor, VP Research at the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA). He joined to provide quality data on the industry and with help from Thomson and PriceWaterhouseCoopers he generates gobs of statistics.

"For venture capital to be successful all the pieces have to flow," the companies "go public and the money then is cycled back into the next generation of companies. Right now there are incredible stresses on that system."

What to listen for: It's not all bad news; there's lots of talent available, and good business plans, but the attention span of the venture capitalist is an issue.

Frank Peters is Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels, a large angel group in Southern California. He's host of the Frank Peters Show, a podcast dedicated to angel investing and venture capital. Tune in to Frank's new show, After the Cottage, which focuses on the healthcare needs of seniors.