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2009 Angel Predictions

Frank Peters runs his podcasts at the Frank Peters Show, and is past chairman of the Tech Coast Angels. Frank's given us permission to cross post his podcasts here on socalTECH.

Dave Berkus, John Filla and Bill Payne

Frank recently spoke to angels Bill Payne, Dave Berkus, and John Filla about their predictions for 2009:

What to listen for: Since it's a new year it's time to brush up on terms. For example, pay-to-play rounds, never popular, some say angels will see lots of these terms brought to the table by VCs. What are pay-to-play terms and why do they become popular when times get tight, like now? What's worse than P2P? We cheerily describe the dreaded down-round and onerous liquidation preferences. And are we doing ourselves a disservice when we do flat rounds? Oh, what a year this could be!