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socalTECH.com is the premier source of information on Southern California venture deals, companies, and venture capitalists, news, and more, and also gives you access to our job postings, news, and other benefits.

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The database features full profiles of local venture-backed companies, including contact info, names and biographies of key executives, and links to their investors. The database also includes the most comprehensive source for listings of venture firms who invest in Southern California, and their portfolio companies. The database is updated daily with the latest venture rounds, accessible 24x7 from your web browser.

The socalTECH.com Venture Database includes:

  • Southern California venture-backed startups
  • Venture firms that invest in Southern California
  • Categorized lists by round of investment
  • Sorting by industry
  • List of participating funds
  • History of investments for VC firms

In Depth Profiles

socalTECH.com's Venture Database features in-depth profiles of companies, including:

  • Complete description of the company's business
  • Address and contact information
  • Links to its investors
  • List and biographies of its board members
  • Key executive staff, bios, and links to previous companies

socalTECH.com's VentureMap provides a graphical map of venture deals and how they are connected to companies and venture firms. This browse-able map allows you to easily browse deals, click for more information on a company, and see in a visual way the deal activity in the region.

Unlike other venture databases, access to this information is affordable and accessible. The socalTECH.com Venture Database is only $29.95 per month.

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