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Interview Published January 23, 2004

Perry Solomon, Alera Technologies

Perry Solomon is President and CEO of Chatsworth-based Alera Technologies ( I spoke to Perry to learn a bit more about his company and its markets.

BK: Tell me a bit about Alera Technologies - what are your products, and who are your customers?

PS: Alera Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of "Prosumers' Choice" solutions for the DVD and CD publishing, duplicating and recording technology markets.

Alera Technologies full line of DVD and CD publishing, duplication and recording solutions are featured at, AAFES,, Best Buy,, CDW, CompUSA, DataVision, Global Computer, Insight, J & R, Mac Connection, MacMall, Mac Warehouse, Micro Center, Office Depot, PC Connection, PC Mall, PC Nation, Tech Depot, Videoguys, Wolfe's, and Zones, in addition to other leading retailers. Government and Education customers may purchase from Government and Education Specialists including AAFES, CDW-G, CompuCom, Daly Computer, EnPointe, Fed Tek, GCI, GE IT Solutions, GovConnection, GOVPLACE, Green Pages, GTSI, Horizon, Insight Gov, Manchester, Northern NEF, PC Mall Gov, Pomeroy, Sarcom,, TIG and Unisys. All products are available to resellers through Ingram Micro, the world's largest microcomputer products distributor and WYNIT, a leading national distributor of digital imaging and computer peripheral products.

BK: What's the history of your company, and when were you founded?

PS: We were founded in the year 2000 by industry pioneers with a unique understanding of Optical Recording technology and exceeding user expectations.

BK: How are you funded?

PS: Alera Technologies is 100% privately held and funded.

BK: Where do you develop your products?

PS: Our product development is headquartered in Chatsworth, California and carefully coordinated with technology partners in the US, Asia, and other parts of the world.

BK: How many employees do you have?

PS: We have 24 employees and outsource the majority of business processes including Assembly, Credit & Collections, Finance, Fulfillment and HR. Virtually everything but our core competencies is outsourced.

BK: What is Alera's competitive advantage in what would appear to be a very competitive market?

PS: Every product has Unique Selling Propositions designed in, we offer professional power at consumer prices - Experience of the team - Positioned in leading Retailers, Gov/Ed & Distribution not held by our competition.

BK: How did you get involved with Alera Technologies, and what is your background?

PS: I am the founder, and was previously involved in consumer electronics and computer industry since 1972 as Manufacturers Rep, Distributor, and Manufacturer. Currently serve as Chair of the Marketing Committee of the Optical Storage Technology Association.

BK: Finally, what's your company's biggest challenge, and how are you meeting that challenge?

PS: Challenge = Rapid Growth, Managing it through outsourcing everything but our core competencies.

BK: Thanks!

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