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Interview Published June 30, 2000

David Nazarian, Smart Technology Ventures III

My interview today is with David Nazarian, founding member of Smart Technology Ventures III, a new $175M fund based in Beverly Hills.

BK: What's the focus of Smart Technology Ventures III, and what kind of companies are you targeting?

DN: Our focus will be on wireless infrastructure, optical components and subsystems and broadband internet infrastructure.

BK: Do you have a geographic focus as well?

DN: Santa Barbara to San Diego; however, we will go outside this area for later stage companies.

BK: Tell me a little bit about your prior fund's investments: any companies you're particularly proud of that we might know?

DN: Prior IPO's include Vertical Net (VERT), Sequoia Software (SQSW) and Centillium (CTLM). Also, Innovent (formerly Microlink) was recently acquired by Broadcom (BRCM) for $440 million.

BK: How did you get into the VC business?

DN: The Nazarians were one of the lead investors in Omninet, the dominant provider of satellite based tracking systems for the transportation industry, which merged with Qualcomm, Inc. ( ) in 1988. This began our journey in to the VC business. In November 1997, Smart Technology Ventures I was founded, followed by Smart Technology Ventures II in March 1999. Smart Technology Ventures III (a $175 million SBIC fund) closed in April 2000.

BK: What's your style of investment? Active/passive, something in between?

DN: We are active investors, especially for those companies in which we lead or co-lead the investment. In these cases, we almost always have board representation. In many other cases, we have board observation rights.

BK: What do you think the biggest challenge is for VCs right now?

DN: Due to the tremendous amounts of capital being raised, valuations are being bid above equilibrium levels -- especially in "hot" areas.

BK: Have you found it difficult to find companies to fund in the area?

DN: No. To the contrary, our deal flow has been strong, due in large part to our background and experience in the wireless and other technology areas.

BK: Finally, if you were to decribe one thing about your fund and why a company should come to you for funding, what would it be?

DN: Our ability to roll up our sleeves and work with the entrepreneur to build a strong company. We bring both strong technical and business experience to the table.

BK: Thanks!

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