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SoCal TechNews - Thursday, July 15, 1999
Copyright (c) 1999 by Benjamin F. Kuo

   -- LA Ranks Third in High Tech Output
   -- Venture Capital Rushing into LA
   -- NetZero Files For IPO
   -- Receives $6M from idealab Capital Partners
   -- EToys to Sell Children's Books
   -- Appoints Execs

   -- Special: Interview With David Cremin, Zone Ventures

   Upcoming Events

  *** I'm probably violating a cardinal rule in marketing a product,
      by mentioning potential "competitors", but why not :-)

      Two newcomers to the world of Los Angeles high tech have, or
      are about to launch new publications  to cover high tech
      companies here, focusing on startups and local companies (sounds
      awfully familiar...)  Digital Coast Weekly, a weekly email from the
      publisher of Silicon Alley Daily, looks like it will focus mostly
      on New Media and is at The
      other, Zone Communications (see my interview with David Cremin
      below) will "organize and focus on the technology culture, the market
      and the entrepreneur heroes in Southern California", and I'm
      guessing their web site will be

      I wish both of them luck, and although I highly doubt they would
      mention or acknowledge and the SoCal TechNews in their
      own publications, welcome them as further resources to promote
      high tech here in So Cal.

       - Benjamin Kuo


LA Ranks Third in High Tech Output
The Los Angeles times covers, in depth, the Milken Institute Study which
ranked Los Angeles third in the nation for high tech output, behind
Silicon Valley and Dallas.

Venture Capital Rushing into LA
Technology financiers and leaders believe Los Angeles is ready to join
the high-tech big leagues.

NetZero Files for IPO
Westlake Village based NetZero announced that it had filed for a
$115M IPO. Underwriters are Goldman Sachs, Donaldson Lukfin & Jenrette,
Hambrecht & Quist and Wit Capital. Receives $6M from idealab Capital Partners
Los Angeles based announced that it had received
investments of $6M from idealab Capital Partners and other investors
including Eagle New Media Investments LLC, the investment affiliate
for Times Mirror Co. PeopleSupport provides customer support for

EToys to Sell Children's Books
Santa Monica based EToys is adding books to their line of offerings
for kids.  The company said that it will offer more than 80,000
children's books at competitive prices.
ml Appoints Execs
---- announced that Carolyn Ticknor, president and CEO of HP's
LaserJet Imaging Systems has been appointed to the company's board of
directors. IN addition, former American Express executive Christopher
Hylen joined the company as senior VP of marketing.


Special: Interview With David Cremin of Zone Ventures

David Cremin is a partner at Zone Ventures, the downtown based offshoot
of bay area Venture Capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Zone has been
making waves with the Zone Club, the oft quoted Tim Draper, and their
exclusive focus on Los Angeles.

Next week we'll hear from Scott Painter of and Sunil
Mehotra of KnowledgeLink.

David Cremin:

BK: Zone's been active since last year, what do you think of the
investment opportunities you've seen so far here in LA?

DC:  The investment opportunities are tremendous here in Southern California!
That is why Tim Draper opened the office in November, 1998.  We are seeing
fantastic technology and new media companies.  As broadband matures, we will
see more and more opportunity for Hollywood to migrate into the internet.
We think that Los Angeles will be a huge information technology center.  All
the pieces are here.

BK: What do you see as the biggest challenge or opportunity Zone and other
VCs have in the LA market?

DC:  It is the newness of the Southern California Technology market that is
the opportunity for everyone focusing here right now.  The biggest challenge
is human capital: how to nurture, attract and/or retain great talent.  Great
executives are here, the infrastructure simply isn't as developed as, for
example, Silicon Valley.

That is why we founded the Zone Club, whose mission it is to unite Southern
California entrepreneurs, media professionals, venture capital firms,
students, and others to provide a forum for high-end leadership discussion
and interaction.  In that sense, we see our efforts in this area as the
opportunity for Southern California to mature rapidly.

In addition we funded a group that will create an online magazine/community
for Southern California specifically.  Zone Communications, this "Town
Crier" so to speak, will help affect the technology culture in the same way
Upside Magazine impacted Silicon Valley.  Zone Communications will help
organize and focus on the technology culture, the market and the
entrepreneur heroes in Southern California.

BK: What kind of advice would you give Los Angeles based entrepreneurs who
want to get your attention?

DC: Los Angeles-based entrepreneurs, who want our attention should get to
know our firm by visiting our web site at   By doing so they
will get to know our areas of interest.  And of course, they should have a
great idea, in a large market, know the competition, and have a fantastic
management team with a unique ability to execute.    These were the
qualities that attracted us to companies like eStyle, Inc. and,,, Static Online, Rocket Radio

Most of all, we look for the passion and drive, which are necessary to pull
off a startup.


Upcoming Events This Week
Full calendar at

** Am I missing your event? Tell me about it!

July 13, Glendale -- "World-Wide Year 2000 Weekend" Internet Society Los
Angeles Chapter. See

July 14, San Bernardino -- "How To Work With Investors" Software Council of
Southern California, Inland Empire Chapter. See

July 15, Santa Monica -- VIC@The Victorian. Network with the Los Angeles
digital media community. See

July 17-18, Los Angeles -- AniFest '99: celebrating the art and industry of
animation, presented by the International Animated Film Society (ASIFA) for
more information, visit:

July 17, Pasadena -- The First Eaton Canyon Workshop: A workshop in a
canyon setting for successful women technology entrepreneurs to network
with each other and with women considering becoming entrepreneurs
themselves. For more information contact Joan Horvath (818) 354-7431, email

July 21, Santa Monica -- "What's in a Name?" Impact! Software Council of
Southern California Sales and Marketing Network. See

July 21, Irvine -- "Is the Future of E-Commerce in E-Mail?" Ben Isaacson,
executive director of the Association for Interactive Media (AIM). See


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