GoFundMe Launches Studio Arm

San Diego- and Redwood City-based GoFundMe, the online social crowdfunding site which lets people raise funding for everything from personal causes to nonprofit efforts, said today that it has launched GoFundMe Studios. According to GoFundMe, the new video production studio will be developing films that tell the many stories which emerge through the site. GoFundMe said that the new studio will be led by Wil Tidman and Chris Neil, and will product short-form documentaries, feature-length films, "live moments", podcasts, and editorial content. GoFundMe said it wants to show case the "most uplifting, moving stories about the good in people" through its new studio. GoFundMe said the first film to come out of the effort will be "Jim Ford, Repo Man", about a repo man who--when forced to repossess the car of an elderly couple, Pat and Stan--launches a GoFundMe campaign for the couple, changing all of their lives.


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