DogVacay Launches Concierge Service

Need some help finding and booking someone to take care of your dog when you're away? Santa Monica-based DogVacay, the online, peer-to-peer dog boarding marketplace, is hoping to make it much easier to use its service, through the launch of a new "conciege" service today. DogVacay said it will use live operators to walk "pet parents" through the process of booking someone to board your pet.

According to DogVacay, the service is particularly aimed at pet owners with more complicated needs, or who are in the midst of last-minute bookings. The site is looking to avoid "panic booking" of pets by last minute travelers, who are deperate to find anyone too care for their pet--often to the detriment of their pooch.

DogVacay said the phone and live chat service is free to its users, and particularly works well for helping to find a last minute host, or a pet sitter who can care for older or sicker dogs. DogVacay oeprates an online marketplace for finding dog sitting and in-home boarding from qualified pet caregivers; the company also develops a suite of tools to help owners keep tabs on their dog (photos updates), insurance services for pet boarding providers, and much more. The startup is led by Aaron Hirschorn.


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