Broadcom Wins Permanent Injunction Against Emulex

Irvine-based Broadcom has been granted a permanent injunction against Costa Mesa-based Emulex, in a patent infringement suit, covering a number of Emulex's Fibre Channel switch products, the two firms separately reported this morning. According to Broadcom, certain products of Emulex have been found to infringe upon U.S. Patent Nos. 7,058,150 and 7,471,691. The win means that Emulex will have to redesign a number of its products, including its FIbre Channel Host Bus Adapters and switch products. The permanent injunction gives a "sunset period" to Emulex to stop selling the products, with one period running from October 12, 2011 until April 12, 2013 and the other starting December 16, 2011 until June 16, 2013. Emulex said it is redesigning those products, which it says represent five percent of its net revenues. Emulex also says it estimates $600,000 in liability for damages to Broadcom in its third quarter 2012 results.


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